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Sanctohm's intention is to provide exceptional holistic facials that align the mind, skin, body and spirit. We view the body as a whole, utilizing in-depth skin analysis, handcrafted botanicals, and ancient healing techniques to encourage optimal skin health. A symptom is merely a message waiting to be heard. Sanctohm takes a fully customizable, skin-supportive approach that leads to radiance and harmony inside and out.

the core of  SANCTOHM

Nestled inside an acupuncturist's office in Soho, Sanctohm is a sacred space to meet your skin's fullest potential. 


Each facial is apothecary-style, featuring raw, separate ingredients that work with the physiology of the skin to yield long-term results. Each facial is completely customized to your unique skin's needs.


Skincare can be a journey, but once you learn to understand what your skin is asking for you will be empowered with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve balance, radiance and vibrancy. We are here to take the confusion out of skincare. Your skin is meant to be as vibrant as your soul is, and we can achieve this goal through a nourishing, nurturing approach to self-care.

Sanctohm is a nurturing touch for your skin, and a holistic sanctuary for your soul.


-Our treatment room is a facial apothecary. The backbar is comprised of raw ingredients, botanical booster blends, and formulated products all with ingredients that the body can recognize. These are used together to create a unique facial protocol just for you.
-We have partnered with facial brands that are formulated by holistic estheticians. All products are non-toxic, microbiome friendly, skin supportive, and highly effective.
-When necessary, we can customize a face or body moisturizer specifically for your skin concerns. 
-All facial linens and towels are washed with non-toxic, fragrance-free laundry detergent.
-Our facial bed sheets are made from organic, un-dyed cotton. 

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