the core of  SANCTOHM

Sanctohm is a nurturing touch for you skin, and a holistic sanctuary for your soul.

From the beginning of her career, Tara knew she was destined to cultivate a completely new kind of facial sanctuary. After many years of facial experience, Tara came to an important conclusion: everyone’s skincare must be completely customized to the individual’s needs because not all ingredients work the same way for everyone. The second conclusion: non-toxic skincare that respects the microbiome of the skin is far more effective long term than short-term treatments that may give a great initial result, but damage the skin and body’s function in the long term. This encouraged Tara to start a skincare sanctuary that had to meet two requirements: full customization for the client in both the facial room and home care, and effective skincare ingredients that are not damaging to the function of the body or skin in any way.


 Tara has finally created what she believes to be the most effective, non-toxic, customizable approach to skincare. In the facial room, every single facial is customized for the client based on both the concerns of the client and the needs of the skin. Tara is present for you to help identify what these things are if you may be unsure. The backbar in a Sanctohm facial features raw, organic, potent skincare ingredients ready to be custom blended just for you. Think of a Sanctohm facial as a facial apothecary with a high vibe fairy ready align your skin, mind, body and soul.


Sanctohm at its core is a place for human connection. Tara’s favorite part of her job is meeting new clients and helping them to reconnect with their skin’s fullest potential. Skincare can be a journey, but once you learn to understand your skin’s needs and provide it fully with what it’s asking for, the possibilities are endless. Your skin is meant to be as vibrant as your soul is, and we can achieve this goal through a nourishing, nurturing approach to the skin and self-care.