the core of  SANCTOHM

Sanctohm provides holistic skincare products and facial services that are customized for your unique skin conditions. Each facial is apothecary-style, featuring raw, separate ingredients that are custom-blended just for you in the room. We harness the nourishing power of plants, using handcrafted botanicals that dramatically change the long-term health of the skin. Skincare can be a journey, but once you learn to understand what your skin is asking for you will be empowered with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve balance, radiance and vibrancy. 


Sanctohm at its core is a place for human connection. Tara’s favorite part of her job is meeting new clients and helping them reconnect with their skin’s fullest potential. Your skin is meant to be as vibrant as your soul is, and we can achieve this goal through a nourishing, nurturing approach to self-care.

Sanctohm is a nurturing touch for your skin, and a holistic sanctuary for your soul.